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#TWM now stocking French Made Five5 Gloves Full Range

Beyond the idea of comfort and perfect fit, a FIVE glove often offers so much more than competitors’ gloves, if you truly look at the details. It’s not necessarily obvious when you purchase them, but this makes a huge difference when you wear and use them, in terms of comfort, the level of protection, and durability. When you compare the materials that make up FIVE gloves from the rest of what’s out there on the market, you’ll see that, compared to products that are “supposedly comparable” (in terms of price, for example), FIVE frequently offers so much more. From authentic, full-grain leather, when competitors are offering synthetic leather…to real Carbon, when others only offer basic plastic with a carbon look…to Kevlar lining, when other manufacturers offer no reinforced lining. And then, there’s the external stitching, which offers greater comfort but is harder to make, as opposed to standard seams, etc. Our motto: offering the best possible product at the best possible price. The qualities of a FIVE glove can truly be appreciated once it’s worn, even more than in-shop.

me to the world of FIVE

FIVE: Our name rings out loud and clear, since our mission is to protect hands (and the FIVE fingers that come with it…) during activities that require high-performance technical gloves, such as riding a two-wheeled vehicle. For over fifteen years now, we’ve been helping riders enhance their enjoyment at the handlebar, while protecting hands from injury in case of a fall, by equipping millions of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

Gloves are an item designed for safety, but also for comfort.

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