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#TWM Managing Director Jess brings women's range of Kevlar jeans instore and online to Perth

Lets be honest #TWM, #twowheelmadness has a rock star female Managing Director in a pretty much male dominated industry.

This never phased our fearless leader at TWM Jessica Glass. Jessica mentions, ' riding a motorbike on the road, the track or in the dirt is for everyone, every age, every ability, no matter your gender. I have four boys and spend most of my time showing them a mom ride a dirt bike just as well as her four boys, often on the track at Pinjar in Perth, on their 125cc motorbike.

Women deserve to be able to come in and try on protective gear, look good and feel good.

Women also deserve to shop on a weekend, we spend most the week running around and working long hours, well TWM has done it.

We will soon get our delivery of our custom women's range of CE protected, certified Kevlar Jeans and Cargo pants. Get in touch with me and we can order any colour and any size!

Women's Motorbike Camouflage Cargo's and Jeans - after check out, email and we will customise size and colour.

Reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre Specifications: · Reinforced With DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibre. · Custom made with heavy duty cotton. · Free set of Removable CE Armoured Protectors. · Inner Armor pockets for easy access to install or remove armour as required. · Genuine Unique Knitted Yellow Coloured Protective fibre for high abrasion resistance and Blade resistance. · Three types of tests are done on this DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre which includes Abrasion resistance, Blade cut resistance and Ball burst test. · Products are lined with Protective fibre Inside. · Breathable knitted fabric. · Comfortable leisure wear. · Machine washable & dry Suitable, YKK Zips. · Strong Dye(cold or warm wash suitable).

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