OFF Road e Scooter is here and its Australian!

The Mearth GTS series is a premium, foldable electric scooter designed for the everyday commuter and off-road traveller. Up to 100km!! epic #twm #mearth #eScooters #perth #Joondalup #twowheelmadness

Made from quality materials and powerful technology, the Mearth GTS series provides riders endless capabilities on the road. Choose the off-road king that suits you Whether you're fancying a cool ride or want to be the king of the road, there's a GTS model made specially for every rider's preference. Choose between the single-motored GTS and the GTS Max with dual motors and enjoy the best ride of your life. Reliable Disc Brakes Ensuring your safety, the GTS series are technically designed and tested to endure any kind of road situation. Feel secure on your next ride.

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