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Disk Breaks Baby! #Mearth #TWM

Disk breaks on a scooter! Find another scooter in Perth that offers disks breaks at a cost less than $1000.00, Try $699! We tested them and these scooters pack a punch and have the stopping power of disk breaks. Come see our indoor track, Try Zone in Joondalup. Its free, book a session.

Disc Brakes: advantages

Stopping Power: Disc brakes offer higher stopping power . By adding multiple or bigger pots, the bite of the disc brakes can be increased which is not possible with drum brakes.

Heat Dissipation: When the wheels get hot, braking force in old school or drum brakes is less effective as the brake shoe (rubber part of cheap scooters or bikes)

starts producing more heat due to friction. No such scenario happens in disc brakes and the braking power remains unaffected by heat. Also, the disc brakes are fitted on the outer of the wheel, hence it cold down pretty much faster than drum brakes that are fitted in the inside the wheel.

Effect of rain or wet surfaces: When the wheel gets completely wet, the effectiveness of the hold between the brake shoe and the lining in drum brakes is reduced. While there is no such effect on the stopping power of disc brakes.

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