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Copy of #TWM now stocking French Made Five5 Gloves Full Range

Born in 2004, until then, there was no real gloves specialist in the motorcycle's equipment market. An identified leader exists in the helmets, goggles, leather suits, offroad gear, boots businesses. However, for motorcycle gloves, there is no clear identified leader. Statistically, if we asked a consumer who the leader for gloves was, There seemed to be no clear answer. But not anymore!!! FIVE focuses 100% of its time and resources developing a complete, technical and adapted range of gloves for motorcycle sports with the goal of becoming Number 1 Worldwide on this market. Nowadays, many motorcycle clothing brands manufacture gloves but it is not their priority: gloves are treated as accessories. At FIVE, gloves represent 100% of the operating business and this is why we handle the products' R&D in a professional manner. We strongly believe that being a specialist is the right choice and our team is made of professionals working on 3 key points: Protection, Comfort and Design. For products’ R&D, we work closely with top riders who chose FIVE because of the quality of the product. In order to succeed, we follow this recipe: - Products: to reach consumers’ needs and expectations - Image: in collaboration with our top riders and through advertising campaign to create a strong brand image in the consumers’ mind - Distribution channel: focused on the professionalism of every agent in every country and on the qualifications of the dealers selling FIVE

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